| ENSCI - Les Ateliers
| Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New-York
| Best Invention Award, Popular Science
| Créateur de l’Année, Now ! Maison & Objets
| Premier prix, Biennale Internationale de la céramique contemporaine
| A’ Design Award for Hybrid - Italy
Mathieu Lehanneur is one of those rare designers of his generation who is able to embrace a multitude of different fields. His innovation through objects and magical architecture blends design, science, art and technology in a truly beneficial way. Mathieu’s creative inspiration is based on the notion that we are beings whose needs are far too complex to be satisfied by something as simple as a chair. Living better means breathing better air, consuming more environmentally conscious food, enjoying good health and, most important of all, possessing the desire to live a better life.
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