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Design by: Matthieu Lehanneur

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Quartz analog watch

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Quartz analog watch – 3 in 1 concept : wrist, jeans watch, hand bag
Miyota movement
Watch strap length : 6,9 inch
Power supply: 1 SR626W battery (included)

Material: silicon rubber / ABS case
Suggested branding: silkscreen on back case
Special production : color + branding on dial from 500 p
Ø 1.1”
G.W: 4.2 oz l i/c: 10 p/35 oz
Carton: 60 p/307 oz

image A stylish 3-in-1 watch

A stylish 3-in-1 watch

The Take Time watch doesn't have a typical wrist watch strap, but a silicone loop that reminds us of the chain that retro watches had. You can wear it in three ways: as a hand bag loop watch, attached to your favorite pair of jeans or as an extremely fashionable wrist watch. Simple and modern, Take Time silicone watch is available in a very wide range of colors.

Matthieu Lehanneur

Mathieu Lehanneur is one of the few designers of his generation who his able to embrace so many different fields. To create projects that serve users, Mr. Lehanneur considers that we are all beings with a structure that is too complex, for a chair to be enough for our comfort. To live better, implies purer air to breathe, food always more concerned with the environment, good health and more than anything, the desire to live more satisfactorily.